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Our design capabilities are what set us apart from the competition.  The Rupp design team has spent countless hours behind the tube to achieve an expert level of parametric modeling.  The breadth of our experience revolves around tooling for the forming and joining of thermoplastics. We can also help with end-product design and development. 


Every project is designed, utilizing Solidworks CAD software, down to the last detail. We can design high quality tooling against part data from any major CAD platform. 

The Rupp Engineering design team is very detail oriented. We work closely with our customers to achieve a durable product that meets their prototype or production needs.  


  • Thermoforming

  • Vacuum forming

  • Pressure forming

  • Match Mold forming

  • Plug Assist

  • Trim In-place


  • Vibration Weld Tools

  • Ultrasonic Weld Fixtures

  • Infrared Weld Fixtures

  • Hot Plate Weld Fixtures

  • Heat Stake Equipment

  • Class-A Surface Nesting

  • Assembly Fixtures

Product Design

If you are in need of consultation regarding the design of your formed or welded part, we can help.  Our experience in the these industries can ensure your end product can be repeatably manufactured.

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